“Buy less, choose well, make it last“

Vivienne Westwood

Our products are timeless and made with attention to detail by excellent Thai workmanship. Each piece is handcrafted with luxurious finishing touches, such as custom-made, cotton-covered buttons and beautiful hand embroidery. Our products are made from very fine, multi-layered cotton gauzes.

We do not want to contribute to senseless consumerism driven by marketing fads but aim to create a product of beauty and longevity.

We relied on traditional Asian designs that have worked for centuries and adjusted them to the needs of children to bring coziness with a touch of elegance to children’s bedtime. We believe the result is an honest product that is both functional and exquisite.


We offer two unisex pyjama styles, Sapana and Yume, which can be worn equally comfortably in bed or to lounge and play around the house.

We offer two unisex pyjama styles, Sapana and Yume, which can be worn equally comfortably in bed or to lounge and play around the house.

The Sapana style pyjama is inspired by the Indian kurta and designed to be airy, light and elegant, with a generous cut and padded buttons. To avoid any pressure on a child's sensitive belly, we designed super-comfy pants without an elastic band in the front part.

Our Yume pyjama in the style of a Japanese yukata wraps gently around a child’s upper body and is conveniently fixed by strings on the inside and outside to keep the top securely in place. It is very chic and warming and can be worn anywhere, and anytime.


Inspired by the elegance and simple beauty of the traditional Indian kameez, our Mitha nightgown is a stylish and comfortable garment to wear at home or in bed, with or without pants.


Our Asa bathrobe is designed to be versatile: to keep the child warm and dry after bath, or perhaps to wear in the evening for the bedtime story. Therefore, we have chosen two high-quality, multi-layered fabrics for this model that offer warmth, good absorption and good looks.

Blankets & Towels

The Yume collection includes blankets for babies (80x80cm) and children (135x100cm) made from high-quality, multi-layered cottons. They are exquisitely hand-embroidered with traditional motifs that evoke the natural world and elemnts of the sky such as suns, moons, stars, rain. We also offer soft towels that can be used as thin blankets. All blankets come with a beautiful travel bag.


Our playmats are hand-stitched, made from 100% high-quality natural fabrics and filled with 100% cotton. These playmats are truly comfortable, light and designed for durability. They are machine-washable and can be easily packed up and taken along.


We offer a number of accessories to cuddle with or to decorate your child’s room. The Yume sleeping rabbit figure is available as a small good luck charm (10cm length) and as a cushion (40cm length). Decorated with beautiful hand stitching, these lovely bunnies can be your child’s companion for play or sleep. We also offer a beautiful poster that depicts the story of the rabbit Yume and his universe in the style of a traditional mandala.